Cybersolid AB was founded in 2021 in Sweden to industrialize “Actively Cooled 3D Metal Printing” concept from academic research. Our goal is to simplify and eliminate most inconveniences associated with metal 3D printing as of today. Cybersolid’s technology allows usage of standard raw materials instead of powdered metals and provides superior and controllable mechanical properties for printed parts. The controllable nature of the process makes it repeatable and suitable for usage even in mass manufacturing applications. Today our team consists of 5 people dedicated to make this happen and carry metal additive manufacturing into its next phase.


Actively cooled metal printing

Our patent pending technology allows controling material properties in each layer. This novel feature increases additive manufacturing capabilities to applications beyond imagination. In simpler terms, mechanical properties depend on the manufacturing process and conventional 3-D printing has limited control on the underlying thermal process. Layers or even within layers the paths or lines provide a heterogeneous structure. We develop a process providing an increased homogeneity leading to outstanding mechanical performance.

Material extrusion

Cybersolid is based on theoretical analysis for controlling the process. The novel technology is derived from extrusion with wire as the raw material. This technique is proven to be useful in plastic 3-D printers. We solve the challenges and apply it for metals as well. By using wire instead of powder, ample problems are solved (such as continuous feedstock or special safety regulations).

Reduced cost of printing

Additive manufacturing has a shorter lead time than conevntional techniques such as milling or casting. It uses just the amount of material, thus, decreasing the waste production. Moreover, our technique eliminates powder use (no powder removal or debinding). Only basic safety measurements are required such that operational costs are reduced significantly.



By providing ultimate mechanical properties in 3D metal printing Cybersolid will carry the reliability to the next level in aerospace, space and defense industries.


Cybersolid’s technology is particularly suitable in printing magnesium alloy prosthetics


With easy handling and operating conditions Cybersolid provides perfect solution for offshore oil rigs

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